General Conditions for Tank Cleaning

For many agreements, it is very important for all parties involved to enter into a sound and comprehensive contract. Their rights and obligations have to be described well in order to avoid disputes and misunderstandings. It is also important that this is a written agreement as verbal agreements are later difficult to prove and parties may "forget" the agreements made. Even though the services carried out for customers are generally customized, standard stipulations can help to create legal clarity. Members of the ATCN can file their own general conditions at the District Court or the Chamber of Commerce; however, it is often advisable to use the conditions employed throughout the sector. By using and referring to the conditions drawn up by the ATCN, in the event of a dispute you can avoid any misunderstandings regarding the manner in which a term needs to be defined. By using uniform conditions there is greater legal certainty and you can present yourself as a member of the association. This improves the image and enhances your reputation of quality and reliability. The ATCN General Conditions for Tank Cleaning consist of 16 articles that deal with diverse aspects, including offers, making data available, liability, shipments and disputes.

General conditions must be agreed upon; the offers, job confirmations, invoices and stationery have to refer to the conditions employed. In theory, the conditions will be issued to the client.

The correct reference text is as follows:

When cleaning the equipment and materials and when heating equipment and load the ATCN General Conditions for Tank Cleaning apply, as filed with the court registry in The Hague on 18 June 2001, document number 78/2001. Upon request, a copy of the text of above conditions can be sent free of charge.

In order to further improve the service to ATCN members the text has been translated into English and German. Do note, however, that only the original Dutch text is binding. If you use a translation this must be clearly stated:

This is a translation, only the original Dutch text is binding.

Dieser Text ist eine Übersetzung, der niederländische Originaltext ist verbindlich.

For further information on the use of these general conditions, please contact the secretary’s office.

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